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  • Titanium Frame
  • Racing Yellow Gloss
  • Budnitz Titanium No. 1 Fork
  • 11-Speed Shimano Alfine with Di2 Electronic Shifting
  • Budnitz Titanium Flat Bar
  • Silver Component Set
  • Oury Black Rubber Grips
  • Budnitz Ultralight Titanium
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes (Formula R1)
  • Marathon Supreme 35c (1.5-inch)
  • Spurcycle Stainless Steel and Brass Bell
  • Gates Carbon Drive Belt

Speed of Light

Our flagship Model No.1 is the bicycle that reviewers have named among the most beautiful ever made.

Imagine a city bicycle born with just the best bits of race bike DNA. Athletic handling and a short wheelbase make Model No.1 a stylish urban road rocket, nimble in traffic and lightning quick on open roads. Perfect for high speed morning commutes and long weekend excursions.