Budnitz Bicycles


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  • Titanium Frame
  • Italian Sky Blue Gloss
  • Single Speed
  • Silver Component Set
  • Budnitz Titanium Riser Bar
  • Brooks B17 Titanium Honey Leather
  • Brooks Honey Leather Grips
  • Mechanical Disc Brakes (TRP Spyke + Paul Levers)
  • Racing Ralph Knobby (2.25-inch)
  • Gates Carbon Drive Belt

Go Anywhere, Do Anything.

The Budnitz Model No.3 is the ultimate all-around city bike. With a rugged design and tires up to 2.35-inches, No.3 tears up every surface that the city has to offer. Customize with an internal transmission from Rohloff or Shimano, or opt for the simplicity of a single speed.