Budnitz Bicycles

The greatest recreational mountain bike ever made.

Fast, simple, and ridiculously fun to ride, this bicycle is a lightning fast, dirt and gravel assault vehicle that flies over ruts, roots, and rocks as if it had a shock absorber built into it — without the power loss and extra weight of actually having one.

Very limited availability in Steel and Titanium. Please email hello@budnitzbicycles.com for sizing confirmation and discounting opportunities.

MTN Geometry


  M L XL
Rider Height (feet) 5'6" - 5'9" 5'10" - 6'2" 6'2" - 6'6"
Rider Height (cm) 165 - 175cm 176 - 186cm 187 - 198cm
Top Tube 57.5cm 61.0cm 62.5cm
Head Tube Angle 71.5º 71.5º 71.5º
Seat Tube 44.0cm 46.0cm 48cm
Seat Tube Anlgle 72.0º 72.0º 72.0º
Stand Over Height 78.0cm 81.0cm 83.2cm