Budnitz Bicycles

Owner Chronicles – Volume 2

Damien | Thailand

Damien left France with the plan of touring New Zealand for a year. Four years and nearly 4000 miles later, he’s still in the saddle of his custom Budnitz.  No end date – or final destination in sight.

“I’ve settled in Cambodia for a year. Then I’ll keep heading towards Japan, through Vietnam, China, Taiwan and Korea. Nothing truly planned (which is the best, by the way). Could change my mind at anytime.”

Photos: Damien, Budnitz owner since 2014

Diranne | Australia 

A quiet park, just miles from the city. Lightyears away from the the daily grind. Diranne captures the magic hour in Perth, Australia.

Photo: Diranne, Budnitz owner since 2013

Patrick | France

“My Budnitz never ceases to impress me and everyone who sees it. Our trip through Germany and France showed its true class. There were floods at the time – the Rohloff and belt drive performed effortlessly in mud and rain. Fantastic trip (the wine and champagne were pretty great, too)."

Photos: Patrick, Budnitz owner since 2015

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