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The first thing you notice about the Budnitz No. 3 is the striking lines. Paul Budnitz, the bike’s creator, meticulously engineered the frame to create an appearance that’s as visually intriguing as it is functional… The result is a tough yet elegant city bike that begs to be ridden fast, even in dodgy conditions

— Bicycling Magazine

They’ve mastered the city bike. Each model—from the titanium step-through and beefy 29er, to our very own collaboratively designed CH Edition Scorcher—is made of the highest quality materials and laced with the industry’s most trusted components… We can attest to its smooth ride and head-turning abilities.

— CoolHunting

An Urban cyclist’s dream.

— Peloton

As I ride up the hill back to my hotel I’m actually giggling a bit. My last few road bikes have all cost at least as much as this titanium dream machine, but they haven’t been nearly this pretty or this fun to ride… another guest sees me waiting for the elevator swerves over and says ‘that’s a sick bike, brother.’

— Bikehugger

Everywhere I go, people smile, ask questions, and are generally smitten with the Budnitz. It is impossible not to smile when riding the Model No. 3… The frame is just right, and the fork has just enough flex to simulate suspension.

— Velospeak

The sinewy lines of Budnitz Bikes certainly cut dashing figures… with comfortable and curvaceous cantilever frame layouts, dual small-diameter top tubes, classic lines, internal cable routing, sliding rear dropouts and a minimalist aesthetic that’s intentionally devoid of logos and flashy colors.

— Cycle Exif

If you’re looking to invest in a high-end, all-purpose bicycle that will last a lifetime, then feast your eyes on the beautiful lines of the No1 and No2 built by Paul Budnitz

— GizMag

Features USA-made parts by many of the best bicycle companies in the world.

— Momentum Magazine

Elegance and performance worthy of a classic motorcycle or car.

— Vogue

Gimme, gimme, gimme.

— Velonews

It’s a smooth, singletrack slayer that rips and roars through the trees for the rider that wants to look as good as they feel on the trail. Make no mistake, riding this bike is going to gather looks and comments. It’s rugged enough for the dirt, handsome enough to ride into the office and is built with quality components that will last a very long time.

— A Gentleman's Word

Highly focused on style and comfort, rides like a magic carpet, and oozes quality. It’s a conversation starter and an attention grabber.

— Bikerumor


— Freshness

This bicycle delivers, with style to spare.

— Complex

Fast rolling, comfortable, and elegant.

— Bike Radar

Featuring titanium frames weighing less than 3.5 lbs, Budnitz’ signature split-tube Cantilever Frame for a smooth ride and improved responsiveness, Gates Carbon Belts instead of gears and chains, and a variety of handmade parts borrowed from racing bikes. This bike rules. No kidding.

— Uncrate

The man who made bicycles beautiful again.

— Phaidon

The new Budnitz MTN is best singlespeed mountain bike I’ve ever ridden, bar none.

— Wolfpack

Budnitz has done it again. We were impressed by the No.1 and No.2, lusted after the No.3 and inspired by the No.4 – but Budnitz was not finished. Introducing what may be the first step-through frame that can be called sexy, Budnitz has delivered an all-around city bike that’s nimble and quick while remaining comfortable and accessible. Meet the No.5.

— Bikerumor

Rides like a dream.

— Culture Cycles

The combination of belt drive, internal housing, tight geometry, and what I can only describe as a magically fast but comfortable frame design makes Budnitz No.3 light years beyond any other city bicycle on the market.

— Bicycle Wire

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