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All I can convey is the genuine love I have for this bicycle – form, function, feel, flight, fondness. The most incredible bike in the world!

Creativity + Innovation + Adaptation = Amazing.

— Randy in Colorado, owner since 2011

This bicycle is totally amazing and I will never buy another…except perhaps another Budnitz.

— Raewyn in Quebec, owner since 2013

Piloted the No.1 on its maiden voyage today. I have 20 bikes, 19 of which I built, sans welding & wheel building after obtaining the frame sets. The No.1 is my No.21, and I have to say, from the point of an experienced rider and builder, that the Budnitz is hands down the Ferrari of bikes. It is truly otherworldly and has the machine aesthetics of a fighter jet.

— Cary in California, owner since 2012

You guys have created an absolute masterpiece. It is sensational. It seriously feels like it is ‘my’ bike; a bike I have owned for years. Probably not something that someone can appreciate unless they own one

— Diranne in Australia, owner since 2013

The bike is a beautiful piece of art! The ride is smooth, compliant, refined and sure footed. Nothing that I’ve tested comes close to the quality and the performance of this geometric jewel.

— Michaelangelo in New Jersey, owner since 2013

From the first moment of contact, every touch point was perfect. I have never had this experience in my life.

— Andreas in Liechtenstein, owner since 2015

I cannot say enough about this bicycle. It is beautiful.

— Bruce in Georgia, owner since 2015

I’m very happy that I took the plunge. It attracts a lot of attention, people are always impressed when they see my Budnitz.

— Nigel in Singapore, owner since 2015

Your bicycles speak without moving. That’s the true genius of what you’ve accomplished.

— Alexander in Germany, owner since 2013

My Budnitz Model No.1 is a work of art.

— Ben in Georgia, owner since 2014

I was riding the Budnitz No.1 around the start/finish line at the Amgen tour of California in Sacramento. Riding by the racers motorhomes, a team member of BMC rides by me and says “nice bike”. I smiled, thinking “yes it is”.

— Steven in California, owner since 2013

I received my bike a few days ago. You made the most beautiful bike I have ever seen.

— Sigmund in Georgia, owner since 2011

The belt drive and internal rear hub is quiet and rips the climbs. I am extremely satisfied and enjoying it every moment; exceeds all expectations.

— David in California, owner since 2011

It’s great work you all are doing there at Budnitz and I hope that you sometimes feel what your products unleash in your customers.

— Volker in Germany, owner since 2013

I’m glad to know there is a company like Budnitz in the world.

— Nicholas in Argentina, owner since 2015

Ride one once and you’ll understand…there is nothing like a Budnitz…nothing! My No.1 is like lightning.

— Brian in New York, owner since 2013

I have no words in German or English for this bicycle. Just awesome.

— Denis in Germany, owner since 2015

Name: Michael Smith
Title: President, Budnitz Bicycles Fan Club of California

— Michael in California, owner since 2015

I simply love my Budnitz….I have owned many bikes over the years, but this is my new favorite. The design, the workmanship, the attention to detail, the simple functionality are all incredibly appealing and titanium makes the perfect frame.

— Marvin in the United Arab Emirates, owner since 2015

My Budnitz is art I can ride.

— Ed in North Carolina, owner since 2015

When I ride my Budnitz, I feel like a kid again.

— Ben in Texas, owner since 2015

The bike is absolutely fantastic, and the help I received was great as well. In my research there was really no other option but yours for a top of the line custom fat-tire, and I look forward to my next purchase.

— Ben in Connecticut, owner since 2015

…the most wonderful, easy to ride and most adored bike I have ever owned.

— Michael in California, owner since 2015

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